Monday, January 20, 2014

This week was good to me.

This week was really good for me
My wife and I went to Anthony Lakes to Ski.

We had a great time and even shared a chili cheese fry,
When we got home our legs we so sore we almost had to cry,
But it was worth it all when we were bombing runs, feeling skis shake and praying not to die.

We had another little surprise the day after that I cannot share as a matter of fact,
But when I can, I will, and that will be a glorious act,
We are still praying it is true and not just false alarm,
Yes, we want this to be true so we can hold it in our arms.

Now, today is an interesting day because I am happy that MLK did what he did,
Yet sadly, I am not studying him or learning his ways. Honestly I am just putting a lid
on my homework. I hope someone is writing about him and what he said.

I thank Jesus for my life, because of Him I have been set free to find and know real love,
I thank Martin Luther King Junior for following Jesus showing all what it means to really love.


  1. Nothing like a day of skiing to challenge and refresh your inner soul. I hope all goes well so you can announce your surprise in the near future.

  2. I can't hear Anthony Lakes without thinking of my first venture learning to ski in elementary school when a friend convinced me to go up the chair lift before I was ready. Let's just say after a couple of crashes, it ended with me snapping a ski in half and making my friend walk down the hill with me even though she begged to ski down and have the ski patrol come get me.