Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Do I Expect When She's Expecting?

This week I would just like to announce that my wife is pregnant!!!! This has been one amazing week. It has been a crazy mix of emotion but amazing nonetheless. I never would have thought 3 years ago that this would be happening to me. You see in September 2011 I spoke to my wife for the first time. Earlier that summer I noticed her at church. She plays the piano for worship on sundays. I saw her and said to God, "Wow God I could really see myself marrying that woman." That is right when I saw the ring on her finger. It flashed in my eyes and I about fell back into my seat. I was shocked. "NO!!" I thought to myself "She is taken". So that day I put that spunky 5'3, blonde haired, blue eyed beauty out of my mind. Yes I will admit I was checking her out at church, and during worship for a matter of fact. However, God knew my heart and I was just looking for a woman that knew who she was and who He was. In my opinion there is no better place to find the right lady than at church. Anyway, after a couple months that beautiful girl kept popping back into my mind. Finally I asked my friend who she was and he said, "oh Deven? Why do you want to know? You like her." I did not deny the fact that I was very interested in her, but she did have a ring on her finger. My friend, then laughing at me, decided to inform me that her ring was not an engagement ring or a wedding ring but a purity ring! She was not married she was just saving her purity till marriage! I was very excited and a little embarrassed about my small mistake. Well then it all happened. By this time she was in California at a ministry school, so my only chance of contact with her was on Facebook. I struck up a conversation with her and we haven't stopped talking since. I met Deven Renee McBride in person at our church Christmas party. We started dating December 30th, 2011, we were engaged May 18th, 2012 and she changed her name to Deven Renee Fiorito on August 25th, 2012!! Now we have a baby due September 29th, 2014! My Father in Heaven is a good God, and through Jesus I am a very blessed man! I cannot express my excitement and gratitude for this life. Praise the Lord I am gonna be a daddy!

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